Posted on: Friday, April 19th, 2019
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New Orleans may be the funnest city in America, if not the world. Where else can you get round-the-clock music, incredible food, incomparable culture, and a party that never stops? A long weekend in NOLA provides a perfect BreakAway; you’ll come home feeling like you were worlds away, and for a long, long time.

Halloween, on the other hand, turned downright scary at times. Oh sure, the costumes were insane. But the crowds were even crazier—at times so thick and crushing you could barely move, breathe, or hear yourself scream.

So go to NOLA, by any and all means. But think twice about visiting during Halloween, Mardi Gras, and the super-popular times. You’ll find it easier to laissez les bon temps roulez!

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FOTOFRIDAY: Pretty! But What Is It?

Posted on: Friday, April 12th, 2019
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If I were an Influencer and had lots of followers, we could have a little contest with this image. What is it? The winner would get, say, some lipstick.

So I’ll just tell you: It’s palms, an odd window, and a feeble solstice sundown struggling to shed light on an icy St. Paul. Thanks to the Como Conservatory, where a stroll always warms the spirits—especially in winter.

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FOTOFRIDAY: New USVI Bar is Going Swimmingly

Posted on: Friday, April 5th, 2019
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First, the bad news: The bar you see here most certainly got shredded by the Cat-5 hurricanes that pounded St. John and the Virgin Islands in 2017. Now for the good news: A replacement recently opened, also in Coral Bay, and it looks even better. So are the pics in this article!

It’s called the Lime Out—named after the local-ism limin’, which means to go out and…party! The owners also own a successful eatery called The Lime Inn. Get it!?!

I love everything about St. John. So I emphatically recommend this establishment. To get there, you’ll need a boat. Or to swim well. You’ll also need an airplane to St. Thomas, a cab ride to the ferry station, a ferry ride to St. John, and a car ride traversing St. John to Coral Bay. Sound complicated? It is. But here’s the best news: It will be worth it.

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FOTOFRIDAY: Time—The Trouble w/ Travel

Posted on: Friday, March 29th, 2019
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NOTE: This post may be late today. Read on; you’ll understand…

Few feelings compare with the buzz of boarding a plane. You’ve planned, stressed, packed, and prepped. Then, finally…away we go! When flights run on time, that euphoria really takes off.

Lamentably, that sensation often crashes. That’s been too true lately since Sun Country was bought out by investment bankers who are failing miserably. Fly with them and you may really need the MYBA mantra, Everything is right on schedule.

So does this picture evoke delight? Or dread? Only time will tell…

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FOTOFRIDAY: Matchbooks Spark BreakAway Memories

Posted on: Friday, March 22nd, 2019
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When a large, long shelf collapsed recently, a million mementos and countless photos came crashing down. Ironically, I had gone into that closet to clean and purge. Guess I was about 555 pounds too late!

The matchbook collection—dating back decades to the days when such things (and smoking) were commonplace—was to be the first to go. But once I dove in, I realized most of those memories had no other mental cue. Needless to say, I ended up saving a bunch. And getting lost in the cities, restaurants, resorts, bars, and other places I had been back when.

Memories are priceless. So is the art of getting away, whether for a quick drink or a RTW sabbatical. So those matchbooks aren’t all garbage, after all. Perhaps there’s a performance piece in my future where an audience member picks a random one out of a fishbowl and I must tell the story?

Don’t count it. But don’t throw away your memories, either!

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FOTOFRIDAY: Faith Springs Eternal

Posted on: Friday, March 15th, 2019
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Here in MN, winters last long and test sanity. So we create curious pastimes that might strike Californians as crazy—like ice-fishing, snow-shoeing, and (of course) snow-sculpting. Some call me the Snow Whisperer.

This particular creation required fast photography action, or the flowers that dot the i would freeze and droop, just like we humans do. But faith pays; even the longest winters eventually end. As will this one. Someday…

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FOTOFRIDAY: The Empire State Building’s Weathervane

Posted on: Friday, March 8th, 2019
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Looks to me like someone stole a sweet weathervane from a barn in Iowa and plopped it under the ESB in NYC!

While the vane actually sits atop a building near the ESB—not on the ESB—they make a lovely pair. It’s true: You DO see it all in New York!

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FOTOFRIDAY: Robolights in Palm Springs

Posted on: Friday, March 1st, 2019
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For six weeks around Christmas every year, Kenny Irwin transforms his 2-acre yard into what may be the world’s biggest, unique-est light display, Robolights.

He uses found art, bizarre garbage, constructed creations, and endless holiday lights. Art? Kitsch? Trash? That’s for the visitor to decide. And visit they do—at least 40,000 annually—transforming the neighborhood into a crowded chaos of shock and awe.

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FOTOFRIDAY: When Teen Travel Turns Tiresome…

Posted on: Friday, February 22nd, 2019
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Advice to parents: Run away with your kids. Far away. Which, in this photo, meant ambling alone through Hamlet’s Kronborg castle in delightful Denmark. Sounds cool, right? But my son wasn’t buying it. And I get it: Travel at times feels so foreign, so laborious, so irrelevant.

Still, my children have seen the world, experienced extended and exotic stays, and even survived months of home schooling with assignments like creating a travel blog, BreakAway Kid. So they’ve learned things schools can’t teach—including that post-castle activities might include invigorating midnight-sun Frisbee on the beach.

Now THAT sounds like something even Bill Shakespeare would enjoy!

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FOTOFRIDAY: BreakAway W/ Your Besties at the MN State Fair

Posted on: Friday, February 15th, 2019
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Everyone wants to get away. It’s particularly cool when a hot August day feels like another planet—yet you’re close to two cities. That’s the Fair!

What do you see? I see one sheriff who looks grumpy. Another who wants to go home. Lots of pale faces seeking sunburn. And beer—lots of beer—because the Fair has relaxed its rules and been over-run by umpteen craft beer vendors and upscale eateries.

Why not? It’s a party! It’s summer! No wonder 200 million fans attend the 11-day get-together each year. I rarely go. But this year’s visit resulted in dozens of great shots—including this one of my new best friends.

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