Just Another Day…On Drunk Bay

Posted on: Friday, January 2nd, 2009
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Yes, it really is called Drunk Bay.  And it’s arguably the wildest, waviest, rockiest beach on St. John.  Hardly anybody goes there.  It’s a long walk.  Gets real hot.  Swimming is impossible.  Ain’t no bar.  But visual grandeur and surprises?  Guaranteed.  The latest trend (and surprise) seems to be making coral humanoids.  

Here are a few.  To meet more, visit my flickr page...


What do you do with a drunken (coral) sailor?


She likes to tan in the nude (and needs sunscreen).


He should have read the fine print on the Viagra label.

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  1. kkd Says:

    Oh what fun to see since I wasn’t on that excursion with you. Maybe next time. Love kkd

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